An Intergenerational Project between pupils of Dowdales School and residents of Staveley House Abbeyfield

The project is aimed squarely at the first purpose of Dalton Literature Festival [to improve community cohesion using the literary arts to bring people together.] and is an intergenerational project in which a group of teenagers from Dowdales school will be working with a similar number of residents at Staveley House care home to record what their teenage lives were/are like. The teenagers will visit the home, meet and get to know a resident each, record an interview with them, return and write up the accounts of the older person, as well as an account of their own lives today. Then they will visit for a second time showing the residents the draft versions of their accounts, receive comments and any amendments, then back in school finalise the edited versions. The teachers will check these before handing copies to the Festival Director who will then collate all the accounts and prepare them for publication. The final printed version will be taken to the home for the third visit and presented to the residents at a celebratory finale.

We see this project as a wonderful attempt to bring generations together and increase understanding between them, enabling the older generation to have an outlet for their memories, to get to know some younger people and see their memories in print, having a copy for their families. For the teenagers, as part of their Citizenship and English work, they will benefit by seeing the changes [and similarities?] in teenage life through the years, learning about life in a care home, being involved with a wider audience for their writing and doing something collaborative and creative. It should also look good on their CVs!

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